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Purchasing a refurbished electrosurgical unit from Southwest Medical offers significant cost savings without compromising on quality, allowing healthcare providers to access reliable, brand-name equipment within a budget. Each refurbished unit is meticulously tested, calibrated, and certified, ensuring that it meets stringent performance and safety standards, providing peace of mind to both surgeons and patients.

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What is an electrosurgical unit?

An electrosurgical unit (ESU) is a medical device used in surgery to cut tissue, coagulate blood vessels, and control bleeding through the use of high-frequency electrical currents. It works by converting electrical energy into heat, which is then applied directly to the surgical site through an electrode. This process helps to precisely cut through tissue or seal blood vessels, reducing the risk of blood loss during surgery.

What are the two main types of electrosurgical procedures?

Monopolar and bipolar. In monopolar procedures, the current flows from the ESU through the electrode, into the patient's body, and out through a grounding pad placed on the patient. In bipolar procedures, the current flows between two tips on the electrode, reducing the amount of current that passes through the patient's body. This makes bipolar procedures generally safer and more controlled, especially for delicate or highly vascular tissues.

What surgical procedures are electrosurgical units commonly used in?

Electrosurgical units are commonly used in a wide range of surgical procedures, including general surgery, gynecological surgery, urology, thoracic surgery, and many others. They are valued for their ability to make precise cuts and minimize blood loss, which can lead to quicker surgeries and faster patient recovery times.

What are the top electrosurgical brands and models?

Brands: Covidien/Valleylab, Conmed, Bovie, Megadyne/J&J

Models: FT10, Force Triad, Force FXc, System 5000, System 2450, A3350, A2250, A1250, Harmonic Scalpel, Mega Power 1000