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Explore our selection of new and late-model refurbished surgical equipment below.


Surgical Equipment For Sale

Surgeon Stools

Surgeon Stools

Surgical Microscopes

Surgical Microscopes

Bair Hugger 675 Patient Warming System

Patient Warming Systems

Surgical Instrumentation

Surgical Instrumentation

Steris 3085SP Surgery Table Refurbished.jpg__PID:a8be2196-53a3-4527-869a-a10de42743cb

Steris 3085 OR tables

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MI-1000 Dual Lights.jpg__PID:219653a3-2527-469a-a10d-e42743cb3797

MI-1000 Dual Ceiling Lights

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Bovie IDS-310 Electrosurgical Generator ESU.jpg__PID:12a428b2-b245-4e7c-9a16-7137acec3c10

Bovie IDS-310 ESU's

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Cautery In Stock

We have equipment ready to ship at all times. Inquire for available inventory. We can overnight equipment same day if needed in most cases.

Steris Surgery Tables Refurbished

Quality Assured

Explore our expansive range of capital operating room equipment, from surgical tables and lighting systems to advanced imaging devices and more. Trust Southwest Medical to be your partner in delivering outstanding patient care, without compromising on quality or budget.

In Stock OR Tables

1-Year Warranty

We stand behind our products offering a 1-year parts and labor warranty on most refurbished equipment. Warranty coverage includes loaner equipment and replacement units where applicable.

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