SciCan HYDRIM L110w G4 Instrument Washer - New

*This item can only be shipped to medical facilities. Orders to dental facilities will be canceled.

HydrIM L makes instrument cleaning rapid and safe, more thorough than hand scrubbing and ultrasonic cleaning combined without the mess or chemical hazards in a compact tabletop or under counter mountable size with outstanding protein removal power.

The HydrIM will transform the way you manage instruments in your studio. Tested at above 99.99> protein removal.

  • Glass door construction
  • Under counter steri-center installation, but can also be a freestanding unit
  • G4 web portal interface includes data storage, service logs and remote access capabilities
  • Validated cycles to ensure repeatable washing performance
  • Ten 8” x 11” IMS cassette capacity
  • USB port for data storage
  • Robust stainless steel exterior includes pump for liquid detergent
  • Web based documentation software included – no installation required
  • Active hot air drying

Virtually eliminates hand scrubbing

Protect staff against the hazards of skin puncture and aerosolized contaminants from manual or ultrasonic washing, manual rinsing and manual drying.

Save valuable time

Spend less time on meticulous manual cleaning.

Third party cleaning validation indicates 99.9% protein removal

HYDRIM’S powerful circulation pumps and wash arms, combined with SciCan’s HIP chemical, result in exceptional cleaning performance.

Proprietary Chemical

HIP chemical is a proprietary blend of surfactants (Surface Acting Agents), which are substances that reduce the surface tension of the water and increase its ability to lift debris from instruments. Your valuable instruments are cleaned and protected with HIP!

Consistent repeatable cycles

Ensure that every set of instruments receives the same validated cleaning process, without the variability inherent in manual scrubbing and ultrasonic cleaners.

Fresh water and chemical for each load

A precise amount of liquid cleaning solution is dispensed automatically. In contrast with ultrasonic cleaners, HYDRIM uses fresh water for each cycle.

Easily adaptable for either loose instruments or cassettes

Accommodates your current instrument management procedures.

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