SciCan HYDRIM C61w G4 Instrument Washer - New

*This item can only be shipped to medical facilities. Orders to dental facilities will be canceled.

Purchase Includes:
  • (1) C61w G4 Instrument Washer
  • (2) Racks
  • (1) Hinged Basket
  • (1) Opened Basket

The use of automated instrument washer-disinfectors is growing worldwide as regulatory authorities adopt what has come to be understood as the most effective and consistent means of disinfecting instruments prior to terminal sterilization.

  • Effective sterilisation begins with the HYDRIM C61w G4 instrument-washer.
  • The HYDRIM automatically washes rinses, and dries dental instruments, simply by pressing a button on the touchscreen.
  • The HIP ULTRA cleaning solution is kinder to your instruments as the liquid detergent rapidly and fully disperses, unlike powder detergent, which can form clumps and compromise the efficiency of the washing process.
  • The HYDRIM G4 is equipped with a web interface that enables online access and offers a platform with endless possibilities.

HYDRIM C61w G4 Instrument Washer

Featuring a stainless steel exterior, the HYDRIM C61w G4 is equipped with the latest technology and the same connectivity attributes as the STATIM G4.


The HYDRIM C61w has a 6-full sized cassette capacity – the biggest of its kind. This means that the office can turnover 120 instruments in 35 minutes, start to dry.


The tabletop footprint allows for under counter or counter top installation, so that offices have flexibility in maximizing their workspace in the reprocessing area. In addition, the time saved by automated washing compared to ultrasonic cleaning is approximately 1 hour of labour for every nine procedural set-ups[1]. The increased efficiency translates to the HYDRIM C61w G4 paying for itself in about 38 months[2].


Boasting the G4 technology, the HYDRIM C61w G4 is capable of emailing anyone the office chooses, including Technical Service personnel. It also allows remote access for easy troubleshooting. The automatic user interface software upgrades ensures the user will always have access to the most recent version and features, such as instructional slideshows of routine maintenance procedures, updated screensaver images, and more.


Designed from the ground-up by SciCan engineers, the HYDRIM C61w G4 encompasses over 10 years of experience in instrument washers. The modular design of the covers makes it easier to access specific components. The single screw type means it’s only one type of screwdriver that is needed to remove the panels. Handles and bumpers facilitate turning the unit on its back to access all the critical components, located underneath the unit. The HYDRIM C61w G4 was designed with the technician in mind.

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