GE OEC 9800 Plus C-Arm System

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GE OEC 9800 Plus C-Arm System:

The GE OEC 9800 Plus is the gold standard in mobile fluoroscopy applications and innovative X-ray imaging technology. The OEC 9800 Plus offers full 1k2 high-resolution imaging on a mobile system. It features proprietary image I.Q. for uncompromised image quality. The 9800 Plus has an enhanced mechanical design which is ideal for a wide range of applications It provides solutions for the most demanding needs in pain management, general, orthopedic, vascular, neurovascular, and cardiac surgeries. This Mobile C-arm is the benchmark for fluoroscopy applications and X-ray technology with its touch-screen operations, crisp and clear images, low X-ray dosage, and a 15 kW generator. This C-arm has broken the barrier traditionally reserved for contemporary fixed-room imaging systems.

The Advanced acquisition at 30 PPS and playback at 30 FPS helps produce four times the resolution of previous mobile imaging systems. The 9800 Plus has a specially designed rotating anode that reduces overheating during long procedures. This X-ray system features Image I.Q. which is GE's proprietary image intelligence technology. This is the technology that provides the extraordinary image quality. To help with this quality, this system is equipped with Smart Window and Smart Metal Technology.

    GE OEC 9800 Plus Features:

    • 9" or 12" Tri-Mode Image Intensifier
    • Optional Upgraded Dual Flat-Panel Monitor Workstation Not Included
    • Rotating Anode X-Ray Tube
    • High Resolution 1k x 1k CCD Camera
    • Integrated DICOM Capability
    • OEC 9800 Battery Pack
    • Footswitch Included

    Specialty Software Packages Available:

    • GSP
    • ESP
    • ESP 8 FPS
    • Vascular
    • Vascular 8/15 FPS
    • Neurovascular 30 FPS
    • Cardiac 30 FPS
    • Super C


    • 60 kHz High frequency
    • 15 kW full-wave
    • Up to 120 kVp
    • Up to 75 mA for radiographic film exposures.
    • Continuous fluoro boost mode up to 20 mA
    • Pulsed fluoro mode
    • Pulsed fluorography mode up to 40 mA. (optional)
    • Full power from outlet
    • Patented energy buffer design

    X-Ray Tube:

    • Rotating anode X-ray tube
    • Focal spots: 0.3 mm and 0.6 mm
    • Anode heat capacity: 300,000 HU
    • Anode cooling rate: 60,000 HU/min
    • Housing heat capacity: 1,600,000 HU
    • Anode diameter: 3.1 in
    • Anode angle: 10°
    • X-ray tube cooling fan. (Vascular, Neurovascular & Cardiac units)


    • Iris collimation with dual opposing semi-transparent leaf shutters allow elliptical, round and rectangular collimation
    • Minimum beam size < 5 x 5 cm²
    • Iris and shutters are continuously variable
    • All functions remotely controlled from the C-Arm control panel

    Fluoroscopy Mode:

    • Focal spot: 0.3 mm
    • kVp range: 40 – 120 kVp
    • mA range: 0.2 – 10 mA normal mode
    • mA range: 0.2 – 20 mA continuous fluoro boost mode.
    • Auto and manual modes.
    • Continuous, one-shot or pulsed operation.
    • ABS varies mA, kVp and camera gain.
    • User specific ABS tables

    Pulsed Fluoroscopy Mode:

    • Focal spot: 0.3 mm
    • kVp range: 40 – 120 kVp
    • mA range: 0.2 – 10 mA
    • Pulse rate: 1, 2, 4, or 8 pulses per second
    • Pulse width: 30 or 50 milliseconds
    • Computer controlled ABS, mA, kVp and camera gain

    Digital Spot Mode:

    • Focal spot: 0.3 mm
    • kVp range: 40 – 120 kVp
    • mA range: 1.0 – 75 mA
    • Automatically terminates exposure and stores enhanced image to storage archival disk

    Radiographic Mode:

    • Focal spot: 0.3 mm or 0.6 mm
    • Focal spot automatically selected
    • kVp range: 50 – 120 kVp
    • 0.3 mm - mAs range: 1 – 100 mAs
    • 0.6 mm - mAs range: 110 – 300 mAs

    Video Imaging System Specifications:

    9" Image Intensifier:

    • Tri-mode 9 in/6 in/4.5 in image intensifier
    • 9 in.: 2.3 lp/mm
    • 6 in.: 3.2 lp/mm
    • 4.5 in.: 3.8 lp/mm
    • DQE: 65%. (typical)

    12" Image Intensifier:

    • Tri-mode 12 in/9 in/6 in image intensifier:
    • 12 in.: 1.7 lp/mm
    • 9 in.: 2.3 lp/mm
    • 6 in.: 3.0 lp/mm
    • DQE: 65%. (typical)

    Video Camera:

    • High resolution CCD camera.
    • 1,004 x 1,004 pixels.
    • Full frame capture.
    • 360° motorized rotation.
    • On-screen orientation indicator. (real-time feedback without fluoro.)
    • Left-right image reversal
    • Top-bottom image reversal.
    • Negative mode.
    • Computer controlled features:
    • Gain
    • Blanking
    • Camera iris

    Video Monitors:

    • Dual 16 in, black etched, anti-glare, anti-static.
    • Touch Screen Display.
    • Ambient room light sensor.
    • Multi-LED X-ray "ON" indicator.
    • Remote window/level controls.

    Hardcopy Options:

    • Thermal printer (optional)
    • DICOM (optional)
    • Image Capture Device (optional)
    • Laser Aiming Device (optional)

    C-Arm Dimensions:

    • Height: 69 / 87 in (1734 / 2191 mm)
    • Width: 33 in (838 mm)
    • Length: 79 in (1994 mm)
    • Weight: 720 lbs

    Workstation Dimensions:

    • Height: 64 in (1632 mm)
    • Width: 27 in (692 mm)
    • Depth: 27 in (692 mm)
    • Weight: 430 lbs.
    1. Run serial number with OEM for necessary upgrades, recalls, and revisions (software and firmware included)
    2. Verify presence, function, and performance of internal components including, but not limited to: High voltage x-ray generator, High voltage cables, X-ray tube, Image intensifier, Vertical lift assembly, Steering mechanism, Power supplies, and Monitor displays
    3. Repair, rebuild, or replace any internal components listed above that do not meet OEM specifications
    4. Perform complete system disassembly
    5. Disinfect all components
    6. Sand and repaint all previously painted surfaces using a 4-coat process as performed by OEM
    7. Reassemble refurbished components
    8. Inspect and replace wiring harnesses as necessary
    9. Lubricate all bearings and replace as necessary
    10. Clean and calibrate all locking and braking systems
    11. Inspect, clean, and lubricate high voltage cables
    12. Install new batteries
    13. Calibrate image quality to ensure optimum performance
    14. Calibrate all other systems according to OEM specifications
    15. Perform comprehensive manufacturer PM service prior to staging
    16. Configure system to customer's specified parameters
    17. Stage system for optimum performance and reliability
    18. Label machine and components to specified requirement
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