Hill-Rom VersaCare Hospital Bed - Refurbished

  • 500 Lbs. Patient Weight Capacity
  • Head-Of-Bed Nurse Controls
  • Stand Assist Feature
  • Boost Feature
  • Turn Assist Feature
  • Patient SideCom Controls With Lockout
  • Emergency CPR Release
  • Special 2-Way Siderail & Tuck-A-Way Feature
  • Automated Underbed Nightlight
  • Drainage Bag Holders
  • IV Pole Storage
  • Advanced Ergonomics And Aesthetics
  • Low 18" Height
  • Low Height Chair Position
  • Battery Backup
  • LowChair: Allows caregiver to keep the bed at the same low position while placing it in chair position.
  • Automatic reactivation.
  • FlexAFoot: Foot platform extender that customizes the bed length up to 12" and helps patients from sliding down the bed.
  • Easy-to-grip side rails.
  • Fixed headboard stays the same - the optimal height for pushing.
  • Hands-free foot controls to adjust bed.
  • Low height that makes getting in and out of bed easier for more active patients.
  • 3-Level Bed Exit Alarm (optional): Advanced sensitivity detects whether the patient is lying in bed, sitting on the edge of the bed, or is out of the bed.

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