Pedigo 7500-NE Eye Stretcher - New

  • 750 lbs. weight capacity rating
  • Stainless steel glide side rails
  • Pneumatic articulating head and neck rests
  • Pads - 4” Head and 6” Neck
  • 4” Premium mattress (part# 750719)
  • Pneumatic adjustable fowler
  • Integrated push/pull handles with latch release
  • Four IV pole receptacles
  • Four restraint strap positions
  • Quick-Release O₂ Tank Holder (US Patent 7,865,984 B2)
  • Hydraulic recovery knee flex
  • Instant Steer - Six Wheel Steering
  • Single column hydraulic cylinder design
  • Brake foot pedals
  • 8” easy mobility casters
  • Hydraulic height adjustment - dual side-mounted foot pedals

The new 7500 NE Stretcher is designed specifically for eye, neck and head surgery. Standard features include: center column support, retractable push handles, Quick-Release O₂ holder, and IS6 (instant steer six wheel steering).

RAIL SYSTEM: Easy to wipe clean and disinfect in the ongoing battle with germs and bacteria. This 56″ stainless steel side rail is infinitely adjustable and can be locked at any height without interfering with the surgical process, patient entry to/or exit from the stretcher.

Pedigo’s ergonomic Quick-Release O2 Tank Holder is side mounted and conveniently located under the litter to reduce caregiver bending. (US Patent 7,865,984 B2)

Easily extend or retract push handles by engaging the safety release lock and rotate each handle upward.

Hydraulic Foot Pedals are located on each side of the stretcher within the patient care zone. Pedal function graphics are color-coded for quick and easy recognition.

Mounted at the head end of the stretcher, the unique foot controlled feature places an additional two wheels on the floor for improved traction and six wheel steering.

Sturdy solid steel column with single hydraulic cylinder design uses sixteen precision ball-bearings to smoothly raise and lower the patient.

Pedigo 7500-NE Product Brochure


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