Hausted VIC Video Imaging Chair

Brand: Hausted Type: Medical Stretcher
Availability: Pre-Order Condition: Refurbished

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VIC Stretcher Specifications:
  • Lead Time: Varies - Request Quote
  • Weight Capacity: 350 Lbs
  • Patient Surface: 22” x 70.5”
  • Height Range: 23.5” to 31.5”
  • Trendelenburg: -10°
  • Radiolucent Backrest
  • Pneumatic Fowler
  • Pneumatic Foot Section
  • Four-Wheel Locking Control
  • Foot Controlled Hydraulic Positioning
  • Tuck-Away Side Rails
  • Self-Storing Footrest
  • 3" Comfort Cushion
  • Includes Shoulder Attachment / Back Extension (As Pictured)
  • Includes New Pad Set
  • 1 Year Warranty

Chair designed specifically for modified barrium swallow studies for AP and Lateral imaging as a procedural chair for diagnosis and treatment. The shortened base is easy to maneuver in small rooms with large imaging equipment. The radiolucent backrest adjusts to a full upright position of 90 to clear, unobstructed view for imaging. Inserts are available for pediatric procedures. This unit adjusts easily from sitting to supine and provides a rotating seat section with a stable work surface during patient treatment. Transport, treatment, procedure, and recovery can be performed on the same unit to improve case turn around and stream-line patient handling.

Operational and Economic Benefits of the VIC Chair:
  • The specially-designed back section accommodates the space confinements of large imaging equipment.
  • The radiolucent back section provides a clear, unobstructed site for imaging.
  • The back section attachment, used during transport, is easy to remove for radiological procedures.
  • A full range of patient positioning is achieved using the backrest and leg sections which adjust from 90˚ upright to full supine, and 10˚ Trendelenburg.
  • The easy-to-operate rotating seat section saves time in repositioning the patient for anterior-posterior and lateral imaging views.
  • The velcro positioning straps enable the care provider to securely position the patient in a time efficient manner.

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