Zoll R-Series Defibrillator, 3-Lead

Brand: Zoll Type: Defibrillator
Availability: Pre-Order Condition: Refurbished

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SW Medical Defibrillator Refurbishing Process

Zoll R-Series Product Brochure

Refurbished Zoll R-Series ALS Defibrillator Standard Features:

    • Lead Time: Varies - Request Quote
    • 3-Lead ECG
    • Pacing
    • AED
    • SpO2
    • NIBP
    • EtCO2
    • Real-CPR-Help for ALS
    • OneStep System
    • Code Readiness testing system
    • Rectilinear biphasic technology
    • Advisory Defibrillation
    • Built-in test port
    • Compact flash card slot
    • Integrated AC Power (120 VAC/60 Hz)
    • Standard Accessory Package Includes:
      • OneStep Pacing Cable (also supports CPR)
      • 3-Lead ECG Cable and Leads, Clip-Style
      • SpO2 Cable and Sensor
      • NIBP Cuff and Hose
      • New Rechargeable Battery
    • 1 Year Warranty Standard, Extended Warranties Available

Refurbished Zoll R-Series Optional Parameters / Features:

    • Hard Paddles (+$400.00)


The ZOLL R Series is the first self-check Code Ready defibrillator on the market. ZOLL has produced an easy to use, reliable defibrillator that will go beyond your expectations no matter your needs.

Zoll R Series Technical Specifications Brochure

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