Steris OT1200 Orthopedic Surgical Table

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Brand: Steris Type: Surgical Table
Availability: Pre-Order Condition: Refurbished

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SW Medical Surgical Table Refurbishment Process


Steris OT1200 Surgical Table Features:
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  • Swan Technology: weightless pneumatic articulation of leg spars, allows for one hand spar articulation with automatic lock
  • Articulating head section
  • Lateral slide
  • Dual position sacral rest
  • Drive wheel included: enables a single user to maneuver table
  • Spar accessory clamp adjusts along the entire spar
  • Femur lift adjustments: 30° increments, 6" of vertical adjustment
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs
  • Height range: 31" - 48"
  • Lateral top slide: 4" to each side
  • Lateral tilt: 15°
  • Trend/Reverse Trend: 15°
  • Dual position sacral rest: 3" extension
  • AATHA accessory package included
  • Carbon fiber leg spars
  • Degree of adduction/abduction: 90°
  • Spar degree above/below level: 20°/45°
  • One hand slide, traction, and rotation control

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