SSCOR 2314 Portable Aspirator

Brand: SSCOR Type: Suction Unit
Availability: In Stock Condition: Refurbished

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25+ units in stock and ready to ship

  • Lead Time: Ready to ship
  • AC suction unit
  • Battery back up
  • When fully charged at full capacity, 45 minutes +/-10% running time
  • >30 lpm clinical airflow
  • Fully adjustable vacuum regulation between <50 and > 525 mmHg
  • Dual mode charger activates when plugged into AC power source
  • Drops to float when fully charged
  • Clearly labeled battery level indicator                                                                   
  • Lightweight: 10.05 lbs/4.55 kgs                                                                 
  • Large easy to use handle                                                            
  • Can be customized to fit your canister                                     
  • Sealed lead acid battery 
  • AC or Battery Operation
  • Includes New Tubing, Canister, Battery
  • 6 Month Warranty

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