Mizuho OSI 5803 Jackson Modular Surgical Table

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Condition: Refurbished
Type: Spinal Surgery Table
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Warranty: 90-Day Parts and Labor

Mizuho OSI 5803 Jackson Modular Surgical Table

The 5803 is the current model base for the Jackson table system. Purchase includes 5803 base, imaging top, spinal top, accessories, and accessory cart. Please see below tab for included accessory list.

The Jackson Table is designed to provide health care facilities flexibility in responding to changing surgical services and shifts in case loads or specialties. Accommodating three interchangeable surgical table tops, the System’s reliable technology and ergonomic, multi-functional design supports a maximum return on your capital investment. All of the interchangeable modular tops are fully radiolucent, fitted with custom support pads to enhance patient positioning, and accommodate up to a 350lb or 500lb patient weight capacity.

5803 Retractable Base w/ Auto-Tilt

  • Weight Capacity: 500 Lbs
  • Remote Hand Control Included
  • Height Range: 27" - 48"
  • Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg = 10°
  • Battery Backup

Jackson Spinal Surgery Top

  • 500 or 350 Lbs Weight Capacity

Radiolucent Imaging Top Assembly w/ Pad

  • 500 or 350 Lbs Weight Capacity

(1) 5803 Base

(1) Spinal Surgery Top and Accessories:

  • 5840-4X Patient Safety Straps (3)
  • 5840-361 'T' Frame Locking Pins (4)
  • 5840-370 'H' Frame Support Assembly (2)
  • 5840-569 Patient Chest Pad Assembly
  • 5840-752/5840-753 Thigh Pad (Set Of 2 - R/L)
  • 5840-464/5840-465/5840-466 Hip Pad (Set Of 6 - S/M/L)
  • 5376 Adjustable Arm Board Assembly With Pad
  • 5840-277 Head Support Plate
  • 5840-24 Foot Board Assembly With Pad
  • 5840-389 Cervical Traction Vector Adjustor
  • 5840-450 Sling Assembly

(1) Radiolucent Imaging Top and Accessories:

  • 5855-550 Patient Safety Straps (2)
  • 5840-361 'T' Frame Locking Pins (4)
  • 5840-370 'H' Frame Support Assembly (2)

(1) Modular Table Equipment Cart

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5319 Wilson Frame: For use with imaging top and general surgical tables

5321 Wilson Frame: For use with jackson table spinal top only

Radiolucent Orthopedic Trauma Top and Accessories:

  • 5855-900 Orthopedic Tabletop Assembly
  • 5840-361 'T' Frame Locking Pins (8)
  • 5840-370 'H' Frame Support Assembly (4)
  • 5855-752 Radiolucent Leg Spar
  • 5859 Optional Orthopedic Equipment Cart
  • 5863 Orthopedic Traction Arc Cart
  • 5855-501 Arc Lock
  • 560 Shaft Lock
  • 570 Anatomical Lock
  • 5855-120 90 Degree Pin & Wire Holder
  • 5855-13 Traction Slide Assembly
  • 5855-136 Tibia Counter Traction Assembly
  • 5855-137 Lateral Perineal Post Assembly
  • 5855-14 Traction Boot, Large
  • 5855-15 Traction Boot, Small
  • 5855-163 Well Board Leg Assembly
  • 5855-193 Traction Extension, Long (38")
  • 5855-242 Ilium Post Assembly
  • 5855-243 Pad - Counter Traction
  • 5855-271 Perineal Post, Child With Pad
  • 5855-319 Center Support Board
  • 5855-345 Traction Unit (2)
  • 5855-411 Tibia Traction Upright
  • 5855-440 Foot Plate Assembly (2)
  • 5855-473 Pad - Lateral Extension
  • 5855-518 G.M. Board, Right, With Locking Knob
  • 5855-519 G.M. Board, Left, With Locking Knob
  • 5855-550 Safety Strap (3)
  • 5855-578 Traction Extension, Short (2)
  • 5855-61 Accessory Clamp (3)
  • 5855-612 Drapery Rod Assembly (2)
  • 5855-628 Pad - Lateral Post, Lower
  • 5855-644 Leg Spar Upright
  • 5855-672 Traction Unit Upright, Left
  • 5855-673 Traction Unit Upright, Right
  • 5855-753 Well Leg Lower Swing Arm

  1. Inspection: Check the table for any mechanical or cosmetic defects.
  2. Cleaning: Thoroughly clean the table to remove all contaminants and debris.
  3. Disassembly (if necessary): Disassemble parts for detailed refurbishment.
  4. Repair/Replace: Fix or replace damaged or worn components, including hydraulics, and electronics.
  5. Surface Refurbishment: Refinish surfaces to address scratches, rust, or wear.
  6. Reassembly: Reassemble the table after all parts have been refurbished.
  7. Functional Testing: Test all mechanical and electrical functions to ensure proper operation.
  8. Calibration: Calibrate movements and controls for accuracy and responsiveness.
  9. Safety Checks: Perform comprehensive safety checks, including electrical safety.
  10. Final Cleaning and Disinfection: Clean and disinfect the table to prepare it for clinical use.
  11. Certification: Certify the table as refurbished and ready for medical use, ensuring it meets all regulatory standards.
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