Leisegang OptiK Model 2 LED Colposcope

Brand: Leisegang Type: Colposcope
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OptiK 2 Product Brochure


Optik 2 Configurations:

  • OPTIK2-03-002 = Upright Rolling Base, Canon Camera Kit
  • OPTIK2-04-002 = Swing-Arm Rolling Base, Canon Camera Kit
  • OPTIK2-05-002 = Balance-O-Matic Rolling Base, Canon Camera Kit


  • OptiK scope head with convergent optical beams
  • Par-focal, 3-step magnification (3.75x, 7.5x, 15x)
  • Bright, white, energy-efficient Light-Emitting Diode (LED) light, stable color spectrum (similar to daylight) provides highly improved contrast and better clarity
  • LED life > 20,000 hours or 20 years1 for lasting performance
  • Independently adjustable oculars and diopters
  • Measurement reticules for quick lesion size assessment
  • Gross/fine focus and height adjustment
  • EMR compatibility - captures jpgs to add to EMR system
  • Available in three unique base configurations
  • Camera kit includes Canon 600D Rebel T3i DSLR camera, adapter to mount on colposcope, battery, charger, USB cable, AC adapter, wired remote and memory card


The OptiK Model 2 line of photo-colposcopes represents the epitome of technology and functionality. From routine office examinations to advanced clinical applications, there is a solution to meet all clinical colposcopy needs. The OptiK Model 2 with an integrated camera and live image viewing is an excellent choice for teaching practices. For the purpose of conducting research, delivering presentations, or when detailed photo-documentation is required for patient records, the OptiK Model 2 with a Digital SLR Camera will provide all the functionality needed. The Optik Model 2 has a 300 mm working distance and 24,000 Lux LED lighting.


  • Working Distance: 300 mm • Field of View: 19 mm to 76 mm
  • Depth of Field: 2 mm to 8 mm • Height: 50–60 inches (varies by base)
  • Weight: 60 lb (without base; total 100–129 lb varies by base)
  • Base Diameter: 28 in.
  • 110 V power supply

Base Option Details:

Upright Base

  • Roller Base, 5-casters
  • Comfortable and easy to move around exam room
  • Weight: 45 lbs

Swing-Arm Base

  • Comfortable and compactable
  • Manual vertical height adjustment
  • Stable, 5-wheel base with locking casters
  • Weight: 100 lbs

Balance-O-Matic Base

  • Balanced, floating, zero-force vertical movement with locking lever ensures effortless operation
  • Heavy 5-wheel base, locking casters
  • Weight: 129 lb

OptiK 2 Product Brochure

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