Gomco 405 Tabletop Aspirator

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Condition: Refurbished
Type: Hospital Suction
Lead Time: 2 Weeks
Warranty: 90-Day Parts and Labor

    Gomco 405 Tabletop Aspirator:

    The Gomco 405 is a high performance general use tabletop aspirator for hospitals, clinics and physician’s offices. It generates up to -635 mm Hg of vacuum pressure and a 40 lpm flow rate at open flow.

      Gomco 405 Features:

      • Powerful rotary vane pump excels at pharyngeal and nasopharyngeal procedures
      • Easy to store, the 405 takes up less than one square foot of space
      • Self-contained unit provides protection against pump and gauge contamination, and allows for easy clean-up
      • Low maintenance requirements
      • Disposable hydrophobic bacteria filter helps prevent fluid and aerosol contamination
      • AC Power Operation
      • Dimensions: 12.5" W x 10" D x 9.5" H
      • Weight: 14.5lb
      • New Tubing and Canister
      • Hospital Grade Power Cord
      1. Inspection: Check for any physical or mechanical issues, including the vacuum pump and battery.
      2. Cleaning and Disinfection: Thoroughly clean and disinfect the unit.
      3. Repair and Replacement: Fix or replace faulty components. Service the motor and suction mechanism.
      4. Battery Testing and Replacement: Replace battery and test.
      5. Functional Testing: Verify the unit meets original specifications for suction power and efficiency.
      6. Cosmetic Refurbishment: Address cosmetic defects and restore the exterior to a like-new appearance.
      7. Final Inspection: Perform a quality assurance check to confirm the unit is fully operational.
      8. Packaging: Carefully package the refurbished unit with all accessories and documentation for delivery.
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