Abbott Plum A+ Single-Channel Infusion Pump

Brand: Abbott Type: Infusion Pump
Availability: Pre-Order Condition: Refurbished

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Abbot Plum A+ Infusion Pump Features:

  • Lead Time: Varies - Request Quote
  • Single Line Infusion
  • Air-In-Line Alarm
  • Occlusion Alarm
  • Delivery Rate Range: .1-99.9 mL/Hr, 100-999mL/Hr
  • 120VAC or Rechargeable Battery Power
  • 90 Days Warranty


The Abbott A+ Single-Channel Infusion Pump is a general purpose infusion system that provides exact delivery for many different requirements.

More Information:

  • Deliver infusions with confidence with the unique PlumSet technology
  • Automated second-line delivery — eliminates the need to raise and lower infusion containers, improving ease-of-use and efficiency
  • Concurrent delivery of 2 medications through a single patient line
  • Air-in-Line detection and elimination — air trap captures up to 2 mLs of air
  • Accumulated air can be removed by automated back-priming without disconnecting the patient line, reducing the risk of contamination
  • Deliver secondary infusions via IV container or syringe
  • Reliable performance, steady, consistent and proven
  • One integrated system works across the entire spectrum of clinical care
  • Single channel (2 concurrent medications) or triple channel (6 concurrent medications) models available
  • Choose from a variety of programming options:
  • Automated piggyback and concurrent delivery
  • Programmable standby settings
  • Multistep delivery
  • Loading dose automation
  • Programmable delayed starts
  • Closed system IV administration of hazardous medications
  • The Plum A+ smart infusion pump and Hospira’s Clave closed system transfer devices work together to help provide protection for caregivers during preparation and delivery of hazardous medications
  • Unique, automated back priming allows removal of air, or priming of second medication line without breaking the line, reducing potential for exposure to hazardous drugs

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