Zimmer ATS 1500 Tourniquet System

Brand: Zimmer Type: Tourniquet
SKU: ATS-1500 Condition: Refurbished

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Zimmer ATS 1500 Features:

  • Dual Port, Dual Cuff Technology
  • Dual Pressure Displays & Adjustments
  • Dual Time Displays & Adjustments
  • Inflation And Deflation Touch Pads
  • Microprocessor Controls
  • Battery Back-Up
  • Reference Cards
  • Standard configuration does not include cuffs, optional reusable standard arm and leg cuff inclusion
  • Includes the following accessories:
    • New OEM Dual Hose Set
    • New OEM 220V Conversion
    • New OEM ATS 1500 Calibration Kit
    • New Battery
    • User Manual & Instructional Video
  • Mobile Stand Optional (+$300)
  • 1 Year Warranty Standard, Extended Warranty Available (Does not include cuffs, hoses, or stand)


The Zimmer ATS 1500 is an automatic tourniquet which has been found useful in producing a bloodless operating field in a surgical procedure involving extremities. It is indicated to temporally occlude blood flow in patient’s extremities during a surgical procedure on those extremities.

  • Indicated to temporally occlude blood flow in a patient’s extremities during surgical procedures on those extremities.
  • Tourniquets have been found useful in producing a bloodless operating field in surgical procedures involving the extremities.

Additional Dual Port, Dual Bladder, Positive Locking Cuff Options (Inquire for Purchase):

  • Standard Arm Size: 18" S x 4" W (+$218.00/each)
  • Standard Leg Size: 24" L x 4" W (+$230.00/each)
  • Medium Leg Size: 34" L x 4" W (+$272.00/each)
  • Extra-Long Leg Size: 44" L x 4" W (+$298.00/each)
  • Child Cuff Size: 12" L x 3.5" W (+$202.00/each)
  • Infant Cuff Size: 8" L x 2.5" W (+$191.00/each)


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