Verathon BVI 9400 BladderScan System - Rental/Month

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SW Medical offers Verathon BVI 9400 Bladder Scanner rentals and leases including lease-to-own options. We can accommodate the needs of any facility. Request a quote today and ask about our payment options.

*System includes unit, probe, 2 batteries, battery charger, and rolling stand

The BladderScan BVI 9400 bladder volume instrument, with NeuralHarmonics technology, is a portable 3D ultrasound device that quickly, accurately, and noninvasively measures urinary bladder volume and post-void residual (PVR) in adults and small children.

With one click, the BVI 9400 captures ultrasound images in multiple planes inside the body and produces a three-dimensional dataset of the bladder. Based on this data, the BVI 9400 calculates and displays the bladder volume. No sonographer is required.

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