Stryker 988 Endoscopy System - Refurbished

The Stryker 988 Endoscopic Video Camera is designed for all types of video endoscopy applications. The Model 988 camera, with the proper coupler, can be used with most endoscopes or arthroscopes. Stryker Endoscopy’s line of focusing camera couplers maximizes the surgeon’s television viewing area for various endoscope sizes and applications. The light sensitivity and color reproduction of the Stryker Endoscopy system produces excellent picture quality. The 988 endoscopy system includes the following components:

  • Stryker 988 Camera Head & Coupler
  • Stryker 988 Camera Control Unit
  • Stryker X6000 Xenon Light Source
  • Stryker SDC Pro 2 Image Capture Device
  • Stryker 30L Insufflator

Each system includes a high-definition monitor, printer, & mobile rolling cart.

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