Pedigo 7500 Series Stretchers - New

7500N = 29.5" Overall Width

7500W = 33.5" Overall Width

Guardian ModelsSide rails made from CuVerro® bactericidal copper alloy

  • 750 lbs. weight capacity
  • Instant Steer 6 Wheel Steering (IS6)
  • Side rails - full length, dual release
  • Integrated push/pull handles
  • Center column design with precision ball bearings
  • Quick-Release O2 Tank Holder (US Patent 7,865,984 B2)
  • Positive/negative Trendelenburg dual pneumatic assist cylinder
  • Pneumatic assist fowler (600 N 135# force)
  • Mechanical Level Lock
  • Brake & Steer activated foot pedals
  • Dual side-mounted hydraulic foot pedals
  • Four corner IV pole receptacles
  • Four restraint strap positions
  • Full PVC perimeter bumper
  • 8" easy mobility casters
  • Latex Free

Pedigo’s 7500 Series Stretcher allows for the transfer of patients easily and comfortably with a load capacity up to 750 pounds.  Superior stability, mobility, and braking capabilities make the 7500 versatile for all your department needs such as OR, ED, PACU, Patient Transportation, Radiology or Cath Lab.

Rail System:
Easy to wipe clean and disinfect, full length tuck-away side rails allow for easier patient transfer by creating a zero transfer gap. Rails feature a release latch centrally located on either side of the litter top under the patient surface.

Guardian models have siderails made from CuVerro® bactericidal copper alloy. Copper is an intrinsic bactericidal element and CuVerro® is the only solid touch surface metal registered by the EPA to continuously kill bacteria1 that cause infections and pose a risk to human health. Lab tests show more than 99.9% of bacteria associated with disease and infection, including MRSA1, are killed within two hours when in contact with copper. Bacteria will continue to be killed 24 hours a day, week after week, between regular cleanings.

Oxygen Tank Holder:
Pedigo’s ergonomic Quick-Release O2 Tank Holder is side mounted and conveniently located under the patient surface to reduce caregiver bending. (US Patent 7,865,984 B2)

IS6™ – Instant Steer Six Wheel Steering:

The two IS6™ wheels are centered directly under the chassis for increased maneuverability and control. Dual ball bearing wheels feature a softer wheel tread for improved grip and traction.

Center Column Support:
Sturdy steel column with single hydraulic lift cylinder design uses sixteen precision ball-bearings to smoothly raise and lower the patient.

Hydraulic height adjustment foot pedals:
Hydraulic Foot Pedals are located on each side of the stretcher within the patient care zone. Color-coded pedals and function graphics are quickly and easily understood.

Patient lifts:
The 7500 Series Stretcher has 5-⅞” H of clearance between floor and cowling to easily accommodate and utilize patient lifts.

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