Midmark 405 Electric Exam Table - Refurbished

  • Powered back section which is controlled by a hand control on unit. The back section is adjustable from a full horizontal position to a chair position.
  • Powered base section (adjusts table top height) which is raised and lowered by a hand control.
  • Hand control which allows operator to position table or initiate the AUTO RETURN function.
  • Pelvic lift bar allowing seat section to be positioned in Lithotomy position (+5° from horizontal).
  • Extendable footrest shelf which includes a positionable upholstered pad (7° tilt) and a removable treatment pan.
  • Right and left stirrups which can be extended to an infinite number of positions (up to 14 in. / 35.5 cm) as well as laterally in four positions.
  • Four storage drawers; two drawers on foot end of table and two drawers on either right or left side of table.
  • Duplex receptacle, located on left side of table, near foot end.
  • Paper roll holder which is hidden in head end of upholstered top. Paper roll holder supports up to a 18" x 3.5" diameter paper roll.

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