GE MAC 1600 ECG Machine- Refurbished

  • Onscreen review saves time and money by reducing paper waste and costly repeat ECGs.
  • Bright 7” display gives a crystal clear review of the ECG waveform.
  • Lithium Ion battery allows the MAC 1600 to be used in transport for up to 3 hours.
  • A user ID and password protect sensitive patient data, keeping within HIPAA requirements.
  • Can be configured for resting ECG, rhythm, arrhythmia and exercise testing, including the ability to view ECG analysis at anytime.
  • Intuitive soft key menu makes inputting patient data fast and easy.

The GE MAC 1600 is a high-tech, user-friendly electrocardiograph that’s capable of fulfilling all ECG needs in a variety of hospital, clinic and office environments. Developed with input from around the world, the MAC 1600 is part of GE’s legacy of innovation in ECG acquisition and analysis. It combines quick assessment of the ECG signal quality with an easy connection to GE CS and MUSE Information Systems.

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