Conmed System 2450 Electrosurgical System

Brand: Conmed Type: Electrosurgical Unit
Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks Condition: New

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Conmed System 2450 Brochure


System 2450 Model Options:

  • 60-2450-120 = 120V
  • 60-2450-100 = 100V
  • 60-2450-220 = 220V
  • 60-2450-230 = 230V


Simple yet sophisticated perfectly describes The System 2450™, CONMED’s work horse electrosurgical generator. Providing state-of-the-art technology in an easy-to-use format, the System 2450™ is simple on the outside, yet sophisticated and powerful on the inside. CONMED’ Dynamic Response technology delivers optimal clinical effects in all modes through the continuous synchronization of voltage and current. Surgeons can choose from the following modes to achieve the clinical effect desired.

System 2450 Electrosurgical Unit Features:

  • Dynamic Response Technology: The most advanced generator design available
  • Continuous ARM safety monitoring
  • Automatic programming restores The System 2450 to the last settings used
  • One hand switch/footswitch combination jack and a separate hand switch jack allows for multiple accessory connections
  • Bovie-style footswitch connector incorporated into the monopolar hand switch/footswitch jack
  • A serial interface port enables advanced communications between The System 2450 and compatible robotic surgical systems or O.R. integration systems
  • Integrated interface for activation of a smoke evacuator
  • Front panel volume control

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