Comfortex Rest-Q Treatment Mattress - New

The Rest-Q mattress provides specialty bed pressure redistribution for just pennies per day.
  • Vapor Proof –Shear Reducing Top Cover is the Nation’s most durable fabric used in healthcare. Other fabrics tend to fade, crack and can lead to core contamination.
  • Highly Resilient Top Cushion conforms and responds to body contours and bony prominences. Provides long-lasting and much appreciated comfort.
  • Upper Torso Support rests beneath the top layer to support the back & shoulders.
  • Pressure Redistribution Centerline allows the patient’s most pressure sensitive areas along the spine & sacral areas to be gently suspended between the supportive layers.
  • Extra Support is focused beneath the hips providing the right blend of comfort & support where the majority of weight is concentrated.
  • Firm Base Layer ensures that heavier patients remain supported without bottoming-out.
  • Heel Suspension System supports the lower legs along the horizon of the mattress, while allowing sensitive heels to float, virtually suspended.
  • Ultra-Firm Perimeter Support facilitates safer, more secure transfers and prevents edge-of-bed collapse and side rail entrapment.

Rest-Q™ SE Mattress:

Pressure Redistribution Plus Fall And Side-Rail Entrapment Prevention
Adding Secure Edging ( SE ) further enhances the Rest-Q’s contribution towards patient protection. Secure Edging extends the firm perimeter material above the horizon of the sleep surface to direct patients away from the edge of the bed and a potential injury. The mattress provides patients with a supported central exit area to facilitate safe & easy transfers.

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