Clinton 7836-X Ocean Commotion Complete Pediatric Room - New

The ocean floor is a friendly place when it's teaming with colorful friendly sealife. Ocean Commotion Complete can take any office exam space and turn it into an aquarium of visual delights for young patients and their parents. Get your feet wet with Ocean Commotion Scale Complete. It's completely fun and completely easy.

Clinton Complete qualifying purchase:

  • 7836 Imagination Series Ocean Commotion Scale Table
  • 6136-BW Imagination Series Ocean Commotion Cabinets
  • Complimentary paint color recommendations to match colors shown in photos
  • Complimentary floor covering style and color recommendations to match flooring shown in photos
  • Complimentary 10' x 10' and 12' x 12' floor plans

    Note: Sink shown in photograph is an additional option (022 ) not included in the package price.

Optional accessories shown in photo:

  • 06-CC Wave Wall Sticker coordinating graphics (parts of 3 sets shown)
  • 07-CC-L & 07-CC-R School of Fish Wall Stickers coordinating graphics (parts of 4 sets shown)
  • 08-CC Sea Life Wall Sticker coordinating graphics
  • C-40 in Royal Blue upholstery
  • C-40 in Purplegray upholstery
  • T-79 Clear Unlabeled Sundry Jars (5 in set, 3 shown)
  • GS-3022 Double Slimline Stainless Steel Glove Box Holder
  • 022 Stainless Steel Sink and Gooseneck Faucet


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