Bovie Flexible Lights

Brand: Bovie Type: Electrosurgical Accessories
Lead Time: 7-10 days Condition: New

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Bovie Flexible Lights Description: 

Bovie manufactures two groups of flexible lighting products. The first is available in three different sizes 5” (127.0mm), 10” (254.0mm), and 15” (381.0mm) (refers to the flexible shaft portion of the light). These lights are for use in procedures where additional light is needed. The second group of flexible lights is our lighted stylets, for difficult intubations.


NS10: Surch-Lite™ 10″ non-sterile – 1/box

ST05: Surch-Lite 5″ sterile – 10/box

ST10: Surch-Lite 10″ sterile – 3/box

ST15: Surch-Lite 15″ sterile – 3/box

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