Bovie Electrosurgical Push Button Pencil ESP1

Brand: Bovie Type: Electrosurgical Accessories
Lead Time: 7-10 days Condition: New

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Bovie Electrosurgical Push Button Pencil ESP1 Description:

The standard Bovie pencils feature button, rocker, or foot control, available with and without holster and scratch pad. All disposable pencils are packaged individually and are sterile. Additionally, Bovie offers a reusable pencil (ESPR2). This pencil is validated to one hundred (100) autoclave cycles.

ESP1 – disposable pencil, sterile


  • ESP1: pencil, blade – 50/box
  • ESP1H: pencil, blade, holster – 40/box
  • ESP1HS: pencil, blade, holster, scratch pad – 40/box
  • ESP1N: pencil, needle – 50/box
  • ESP1HN: pencil, needle, holster – 40/box

Pencils use a standard 3-prong connector

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