True Standard Patient Care Mattress

Brand: Birkova Type: Hospital Bed Mattress
Lead Time: 1-2 Weeks Condition: New

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Ordering Information:
  • HBM-1176 = 34”W x 76”L x 6”T
  • HBM-1176RB = 34”W x 76”L x 6”T, With Roll-Barrier
  • HBM-1180 = 34”W x 80”L x 6”T
  • HBM-1180RB = 34”W x 80”L x 6”T, With Roll-Barrier
  • HBM-1184 = 34”W x 84”L x 6”T
  • HBM-1184RB = 34”W x 84”L x 6”T, With Roll Barrier
  • HBM-1276 = 36”W x 76”L x 6”T
  • HBM-1276RB = 36”W x 76”L x 6”T, With Roll Barrier
  • HBM-1280 = 36”W x 80”L x 6”T
  • HBM-1280RB = 36”W x 80”L x 6”T, With Roll Barrier
  • HBM-1284 = 36”W x 84”L x 6”T

Patient Care Mattresses are designed to work with the patient as well as for the patient. The layers make a conforming surface to the patient’s body as well as providing a firm, yet comfortable support. 

These mattresses are constructed of a combination of solid polyurethane foam and memory foam. And covered in an ultra soft conforming vinyl.

  • Ultra-Soft 4-way Stretch Vinyl
  • Fire Barrier 
  • Solid Foam Core
  • Roll Barrier Panels (Optional upgrade)       

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