Birkova LS- 2000 - 'Candy Cane' Style Lithotomy Legholder System - New

Free Shipping | 2-3 Day Lead Time | 2 Year Warranty

'Candy Cane' Style Lithotomy Legholder System (sold in pairs only)

Conveniently works with all surgical tables.  Height adjustable of 26” - 39”. The support extension ‘cane’ is 10”wide. Stainless steel ‘cane’ and mounting rod offers superior flexibility for Lithotomy positioning.

Requires CL-7500 OR CL-8000-SS recommended for mounting legholders to surgical table (sold separately)

Replacement straps, heel cups and gel available

Complete System Includes: 1 pair of 'Candy Cane' Style Lithotomy Legholders | 1 pair of ankle support straps

*GP-3300 = Gel Post Pads (2 ea)

*GP-3350 = Gel Ankle Straps - 12" LG (2 ea)

*GP-3370 = Gel Ankle Straps - 18" LG (2 ea)

*1-2 Week Lead Time for Gel Pad Upgrade

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