Birkova Integra-Gel Series Cushion Set for Maquet Tables - New

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Maquet Integra-Gel Table Pad Sets:

  • IGC-5380 = 1132 Alphastar [4 piece set]
  • IGC-5540 = Alphamaxx 1133 [5 piece set]

Designed with ultimate patient comfort in mind. Recommended for high risk and heavy weight patients. 3” thick overall. Constructed of medium firm high density comfort foam, a layer of anti-sheer Pro-Tek Memory foam, and a top layer of visco polymer Gel, covered with 4-way stretch ultra soft vinyl.

  • 4-Way Stretch Vinyl
  • Pro-tek Memory Foam
  • Visco Polymer Gel
  • Medium Firm High Density Foam

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