Baxter I-Pump Pain Management Infusion Pump - Refurbished

The flexible Ipump system is designed to help each patient become ambulatory as quickly as possible. Pain management can be tailored to both a patient's individual needs as well as clinical priorities through a variety of convenient options.

  • Program for epidural, IV, or subcutaneous delivery.
  • Delivers continuous, Basal + PCA, or PCA infusions
  • Set dosing limits based on clinical preferences, e.g., one or four-hour volume limits and maximum PCA (patient-controlled analgesia) doses per hour.
  • Specify PCA dose delay time options in one-minute intervals up to 240 minutes.
  • Control flow rates in 0.1 mL/hour increments for maximum flexibility – with continuous flow rates up to 90 mL/hour.

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