ArjoHuntleigh TotalLift Hospital Bed - New

Progressive upright standing in bed for highly dependent patients. Without leaving the bed, patients who need a graded transition from bed rest to supporting their full body weight can be gradually moved to a standing position at the touch of a button, aiding rehabilitation early in the acute phase of critical illness.

Using only one or two caregivers, the Total Lift Bed™ can progressively move patients to full standing as early and frequently as tolerated to achieve increasing levels of weight bearing through the lower extremities and orientation to upright positioning.

Progress can be monitored using the patented weight bearing control system that displays changes in weight bearing on a digital screen in the Foot Lifter™ Footboard. This visual feedback can help caregivers monitor progress and set milestones against rehabilitation and mobility objectives.

Between tilting and standing episodes the fully articulating bed frame, with integrated pressure redistribution surface, can help caregivers comply with early mobility protocols by enabling patients to be placed into a chair position at the touch of a button.

The model listed here is manufactured by VitalGo Systems, Inc. and is distributed under contract by ArjoHuntleigh AB. Packaging, labeling and documentation supplied with the product will reflect this.

Features and Benefits

  • In-Bed Tilting 0 - 82 degrees

At the touch of a button, the Total Lift Bed™ helps facilitate progressive upright tilting and in-bed standing. Strategically placed soft safety straps help keep the patient secured during the tilting and standing process.

  • Foot Lifter Footboard

The Foot Lifter Footboard can be adjusted at the touch of a button to provide support for the patient’s feet while sitting or standing. During tilting, the Foot Lifter will gradually move down to become parallel to the floor to give patients the feeling of standing at floor level.

  • Weight Bearing Control System

As the patient tilts upright, the weight bearing control system measures changes in weight bearing. This information is displayed on the digital screen contained in the Foot Lifter Footboard.

  • One Button Chair Position

The in-bed chair facility helps orient the patient to a more upright position with legs down between standing episodes.

  • Integrated Pressure Redistribution

The integrated five zone pressure redistribution surface provides caregivers a choice of low air loss or alternating pressure to help in the prevention and management of pressure ulcers. Mattress firmness can be altered using the comfort controls.

  • Weigh Scale

An easy to use patient weigh scale is incorporated into the bed. An Auto-Compensation feature allows objects to be added or removed from the bed without impacting the patient’s weight reading.

Technical Information

Overall length - in regular position 85.83 in (218 cm)
Overall length - fully extended (foot lifter out) 89.76 in (228 cm)
Overall width - with side rails

40.95 in (104 cm)



Low position - deck to floor

20.67 in (52.5 cm)

High position - deck to floor

29.72 in (75.5 cm)

From top of bed to floor (standing position) 80 in (204 cm)
From under frame to floor 1.38 in (3.5 cm)
Caster diameter 5 in (12.7 cm)

Foot Lifter

Moves over mattress 7.9 in (20 cm) towards head rest

Moves out of bed 3.95 in (10 cm)

Moves up in chair position until contact with feet or max of 7.9 in (20 cm)

Safe working load is 616 lb (280 kg)

Max patient weight capacity is 425 lb (193 kg)

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