Sterilizer Refurbishing Process

  • Run serial number with OEM for necessary upgrades, recalls and revisions
  • Remove controls, trim, piping, for hydrostatic pressure test
  • Hydrostatically test pressure vessel to 1.5x maximum rating
  • Remove chamber from stand
  • Bead blast interior to original appearance
  • Reassemble stand and chamber with new insulation
  • Replace membrane overlays on control panel
  • Replace digital display boards
  • Replace wiring harness
  • Replace chamber and jacket gauges
  • Sand and repaint all previously painted surfaces
  • Replace all piping and tubing
  • Replace all solenoid valves
  • Disassemble and rebuild door mechanisms
  • Resurface stainless steel to original appearance via 5-step sanding and polishing process
  • Reassemble refurbished components
  • Calibrate controls using a certified thermometer
  • Test sterilizer controls extensively for optimum performance and reliability
Refurbished Amsco 3013 Sterilizer
Refurbished Amsco 3011 Sterilizer