Portable X-Ray Refurbishing Process

Refurbishing a portable X-ray machine is a specialized and intricate process that should only be carried out by qualified technicians or biomedical engineers with expertise in medical equipment maintenance. Proper refurbishment ensures that the X-ray machine functions safely and delivers accurate diagnostic images. Here are the general steps involved in refurbishing a portable X-ray machine:

Southwest Medical Portable X-Ray Refurbishing Process:

    Internal System Process:

  • Rotor control PCB checked
  • Drive control PCB checked
  • Drive handle checked
  • Batteries and charger checked
  • Field light checked
  • Filament table checked
  • Defaults loaded
  • mAs checked and calibrated as needed
  • kvP checked and calibrated as needed
  • Taps checked and calibrated as needed
  • Default settings loaded

    External System Process:

  • Disassemble external frame
  • Sand and prep
  • Paint
  • Remove tape and overspray
  • Blow out all components
  • Lubricate
  • Replace any damaged components as needed
  • Assemble unit
  • Clean up, inspect
  • Final clean and inspection

Southwest Medical has over 30 years experience refurbishing portable x-rays. All units are backed by a 1-year warranty. Browse available inventory below, request a free online quote or place an order today.


GE AMX 4+ Mobile X-Ray System
GE AMX 4+ Mobile X-Ray System

GE AMX 4+ Mobile X-Ray System