Simulation Equipment

What can Southwest Medical offer Nursing Schools & Technical Programs?

1. New and Refurbished Medical Equipment Nationwide:

Southwest Medical works with schools nationwide to provide a combination of new and refurbished equipment options to best suit the school's size and budget.

2. Access to Late-Model Medical Equipment:

We are proud to offer the newest equipment available for the training and education of tomorrow's healthcare professionals.

3. Personalized Equipment Packages:

Southwest Medical offers personalized equipment packages based on your program needs. The primary goal is to provide cost-effective, high quality equipment that not only meets your needs, but also saves you money.

4. Optional On-Site Equipment Planning:

Our sales team is willing and able to meet with program coordinators in order to take an assessment of the program needs and determine how we can best serve you.

5. Excellent Equipment Service:

Our in-house, certified biomedical technicians can service a variety of capital medical equipment including hospital beds, stretchers, surgery tables, patient monitors, anesthesia machines, defibrillators, infant care equipment, procedure lights, radiology equipment and more.

Nursing School and Sim Lab Project Photos:

Refurbished Surgical Simulation Lab
Surgical Simulation Lab
Nursing Lab Refurbished Beds
Refurbished hospital beds for simulation

SW Medical Simulation Equipment Categories

Building a Realistic Simulation Environment

For over 20 years, Southwest Medical has provided quality equipment to medical schools and training facilities. We offer a wide range of medical equipment used by healthcare professionals to create realistic medical simulation environments.

Our flexible tiered refurbishing process allows you to only pay for the functionality needed, providing more room in your budget.

Browse the simulation equipment categories below and contact us today for assistance with your project.

SW Medical Refurbishing Tiers:

Factory New

Brand new FDA-approved equipment direct from top domestic and international manufacturers.

Total Refurbished

Equipment is brought to meet OEM specifications, professionally tested and certified, and cosmetically brought to like-new condition.

This level is intended for use in working surgical environments.

Simulation Refurbished

Equipment is refurbished to a level needed for use in a defined simulation setting, and cosmetically brought to like-new condition to look professional in your lab.

This level is intended for training programs that need the equipment to function in a defined capacity, but do not need a totally refurbished unit.

Cosmetic Refurbished

Equipment is sold as-is or non-functioning, but is cosmetically refurbished to look professional in your lab.