Wallach WA1000B Cryosurgical Console System

Brand: Wallach Type: Cryosurgical System
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Wallach WA1000B Product Brochure


WA1000B Order Information:

  • 900506-1-N2O = N2O gas type console only with LL100 System
  • 900506-1-CO2 = CO2 gas type console only with LL100 System
  • 900506-2-N2O = N2O gas type with digital temp indicator, timer, base, LL100 System
  • 900506-2-CO2 = CO2 gas type with digital temp indicatortimer, base, LL100 System

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    WA1000B Features:

    • All the advantages of the LL100 Freezer
    • N2O/CO2 Tanks, probe and tips not included 
    • Precise read-out of tip temperature on thermocoupled tips 
    • Read the depth of freeze using an independent hypodermic thermocouple 
    • Audible freeze timer starts when freezing temperature is reached an records total time the tip is actually freezing 
    • N2O Cylinders offer approximately 80 minutes of freeze time 
    • Cylinder (optional) N2O cylinders (20 lb.) offer approximately 80 minutes of freeze time.
    • Disposable Plastic Shields for Cryotips Shields are renewed with each procedure. They act as an insulator to prevent the tip from adhering to tissue in unwanted areas. The shield also assures proper attachment of the tip by serving as a positive stop, provided tabs on shield are correctly fitted into grooves on the metal tips 
    • 5 Year warranty against defects and workmanship freezer only. 1 Year warranty on console.

    *Note: N20/CO2 Cylinders not included, but are available through a medical gas supplier.

    Click here to browse tips for the WA1000B cyrosurgical system


    The WA1000B console offers the ideal combination of easy-to-use controls and built in safety features. It uses the powerful LL100 two-trigger freezer for Nitrous Oxide.  (Carbon Dioxide units are designed differently due to the properties of the gas.) Freeze and defrost only occur when triggered and can be stopped instantly. A console-mounted switch must be activitated to permit gas to flow into the LL100 and a color-coded gauge provides gas pressure reading at a glance. The Temperature Indicator gives surgeons unparalleled control and efficiency during cryosurgery. A large selection of reusable sterilizable cryotips and disposable plastic shields are available.

    Wallach WA1000B Product Brochure

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