Wallach Cryosurgical Tips for LL100/LLCO2

Brand: Wallach Type: Cryosurgical System
Lead Time: Pre-Order Condition: New

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Cryosurgical Tips for Use with LL100 and LLCO2
  • 900300AA T-0200 2.5mm HPV Tip 
  • 900201AA T-0219 Cone 
  • 900200AA T-0219 Microderm 
  • 900301AA T-0500 5.0mm HPV Tip 
  • 900203AA T-0519 Condyloma 
  • 900202AA T-0524 Bevel 
  • 900302AA T-0700 7.0mm HPV Tip 
  • 900205AA T-0819 General Purpose 
  • 900207AA T-0823 Bevel 
  • 900206AA T-0826 Cone 
  • 900204AA T-0832 Procto 
  • 900217AA T-0832 Procto Curved 
  • 900303AA T-0900 9.0mm HPV Tip 
  • 900304AA T-1200 11.7mm HPV Tip 
  • 900305AA T-1300 13.5mm HPV Tip 
  • 900306AA T-1500 15.0mm HPV Tip 
  • 900208AA T-1900 Flat 
  • 900209AA T-1905 Exocervical 
  • 900211AA T-1910 Exo-Endocervical 
  • 900210AA T-1920 Endo-Exocervical 
  • 900212AA T-1920 Long Exo-Endocervical 
  • 900213AA T-213AA Flat 
  • 900214AA T-2507 Exocervical 
  • 900215AA T-2514 Exo-Endocervical

Highly conductive, thermal, reusable, sterilizable cryotips

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