Bovie Adapters/Active Cables

Brand: Bovie Type: Electrosurgical Accessories
Lead Time: 7-10 days Condition: New

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Bovie Adapters/Active Cables Description: 

Return electrodes are utilized for a safe return of electrosurgical energy from the patient body. Bovie disposable, single-use return electrodes are manufactured with a super adhesive hydrogel for secure patient application. Also available are reusable grounding plates used mostly in Animal Health procedures and reusable return electrode cables for connection of reusable and disposable pads to the ESU.

  • A1205A: adapter for connecting footswitch pencil to the A940 & A950
  • A1255A: adapter plug for connecting footswitch pencil for the A1250, A1250U, A1250S, A2250, A2350, A3250, A3350, the IDS–200, IDS 210, IDS–300, IDS 310, IDS–400 and most ESU’s.
  • A905A: Adapter for connecting footswitch pencil to the A950
  • A905B: adapter for 1/32″ (0.8mm) electrode – fits most ESU Pencils
  • A905B–1: adapter for 1/20” (1.25mm) electrode — fits most ESU pencils
  • GIACF: Active Cable for Icon GI-Female

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