Surgical Table Refurbishing Process

  • Run serial number with OEM for necessary upgrades, recalls, and revisions
  • Disassemble and disinfect all components 
  • Polish, replate, repaint, or replace all exterior components
  • Clean, test, and recalibrate all motors
  • Inspect, clean, acid dip, and polish all working components for reuse
  • Remove and ship electrohydraulic motor to outsource for refurbishment
  • Replace main lift cylinder as needed
  • Sand, prime, and paint table frame to meet new specifications
  • Restore table base and pedestal to original specifications
  • Replace casters and wheels as needed
  • Restore table gear train with combination of new and refurbished gears, bearings, and clutches
  • Replace all bushing eccentrics (if applicable)
  • Resurface stainless steel to original appearance via 5-step sanding and polishing process
  • Reassemble refurbished components
  • Apply new decals and safety information
  • Stage test weight tolerances and table movement through all available articulations
Refurbished Steris 3080 Surgery Table
Refurbished Skytron 6002 Surgery Table
Refurbished Skytron 3501B Surgery Table