Hospital Bed Refurbishing Process

  • Run serial number with OEM for necessary upgrades, recaclls, and revisions.
  • Disassemble and disinfect all components
  • Polish, replate, repaint, or replace all exterior components
  • Inspect all working components for wear and replace defective parts as necessary
  • Replace wheel and caster assembly
  • Replace safety switches
  • Replace lockout switches
  • Replace foot pedals if necessary
  • Inspect, clean, and lubricate head, knee, and high/low drive screws for reuse
  • Inspect nurse control, high/low, and degree indicator panels
  • Recalibrate brake and steer system
  • Reassemble refurbished components
  • Inspect and lubricate all pivot points
  • Inspect and lubricate instant CPR Cables and latch release (if applicable)
  • Inspect and lubricate siderail latches
  • Replace siderail plastics
  • Replace laminate in headboard/footboard with custom finish of customer choice
  • Stage weight test weight tolerances and table movement through all available articulations
  • Apply new decals and safety information
Refurbished Hill-Rom Advanta
Refurbished Hill-Rom Advance