Steris Amsco OrthoVision Surgical Table

Brand: Steris Type: Surgical Table
SKU: OrthoVision Condition: Refurbished

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SW Medical Surgical Table Refurbishment Process

Table Specifications:

  • Includes OrthoVision Base Table
  • Includes Radiolucent Carbon Fiber Abductor Arms
  • Dimensions: 87.165" L x 27.5" W
  • Weight Capacity (Anatomic Position): 400 Lbs
  • Weight Capacity (Reverse Orientation): 300 Lbs
  • Height Range: 29" - 47"
  • Lateral Tilt (Left / Right): 15° / 15°
  • Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg: 15° / 15°
  • Includes new pad for OrthoVision Base Table
  • Includes Orthovision Accessory Kit SOV-0001
Table Accessory Kit SOV-0001 Includes:
  • (2) Foot Traction Boots
  • Wedge-Shaped Sacral Rest With Pad
  • Perineal Post With Pad
  • (3) Traction Accessory Clamps
  • (2) L Shaped Traction Extension
  • Universal Leg Holder
  • Multitask Armboard With Pad
  • Patient Transfer Board With Pad
  • Straight Traction Extension
  • Image Amplification Board

Table Features:

  • The table folds into a neat, compact package (29" x 27.5" x 41") when not in use.
  • Attaching a traction boot, a traction bow-block or a skeletal block is easy with the quick-connectstyle coupler, maximizing your ability to position the patient.
  • Base affords adequate, comfortable toe space on both sides with sufficient space to receive the support blades of a Mayo-type instrument stand.
  • Raise/lower, and floor lock pedals are at the head end.
  • Height-adjustable floor locks, one at each corner, and four swivel casters are provided.


The Steris OrthoVision Orthopedic Fracture Table, with two section adjustable abductor bars, has an adjustable height from 29" - 45". It has a stainless steel base with 4 swivel casters and standard side rails. Some of its features are lateral tilt, Trendelenberg and reverse Trendelenberg positioning, and offset table top translation. This table allows for maximum imaging and procedure flexibility and excellent C-arm access for lower extremity fractures. Its flexibility of positioning allows for a wide range of lower limb traction procedures. The lateral slide table top increases the imaging access to the greater trochanteric region. This equipment is manually operated and does not require any electrical power. Its patient weight capacity is 400lbs, 300 lbs with patient in reverse orientation.

The Steris Orthovision Orthopedic Surgical Table is ideal for surgical imaging, setup efficiency and procedural flexibility.

Radiolucent abductor bars, wedge-shaped sacral rest and perineal post provide exceptional imaging capability, no matter how complicated the procedure.

The Steris Orthovision Orthopedic Surgical Table is designed primarily for hip and lower extremity procedures: hip pinning, ender nailing, intramedullary nailing of femur, tibia, and fibula surgery.

With optional accessories the table also allows for certain upper body procedures: shoulder surgery, non-operative myelograms, and hip spicas.

It provides flexible, easy-to-use, articulated posturing of the patient for reconstructive and reparative orthopedic procedures.

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