GE Corometrics 170 Series Fetal Monitor - Refurbished

  • Fetal Heart Rate
  • Maternal NIBP
  • Maternal Pulse Oximetry (MSpO2)
  • Maternal ECG (MECG)
  • TOCO
  • Thermal Array Recorder
  • 1 Ultrasound Transducer Included With Purchase
  • 1 Toco Transducer Included With Purchase
  • Technique Pulsed Doppler with auto correlation processing 
  • Transducer Type 9-crystal 
  • Pulse Repetition 2 kHz (all modes) 
  • Frequency Pulse Duration 92 μs 
  • Transmitter Frequency 1.151 MHz 
  • Spatial-Average Temporal Isata <5 mW/cm2 
  • Average Intensity 
  • Focal 20 dB Beam Area 16.6 cm2, at a range = 7 cm 
  • Peak Instantaneous 1.8 mW/cm2
  • Intensity 
  • Heart Rate Counting Range 50-210 BPM
  • Leakage Current Complies with IEC 60 1.1 and/or IEC 601.1.1 harmonized national standard; Complies with EN 60601-1-2:2002

Whether you perform antepartum fetal monitoring in an office setting or in the hospital, Corometrics 170 Series Fetal Monitor can help. You can trust our fetal monitors to help you improve the standard of care for your expecting mothers. We designed these compact, lightweight monitors to help you effectively and efficiently care for mom and baby by accurately and noninvasively tracking baby’s heart rate for non-stress tests.

The 170 series is used with our Nautilus watertight and lightweight Toco and 9-crystal Ultrasound transducers for comfortable and reliable monitoring.


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