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F9 Fetal Monitor Brochure

CooperSurgical’s F9 Fetal Monitor combines the latest ultrasound technology with lightweight, ergonomic design. It is capable of monitoring twins with its two 12-crystal, wide-beam 1 MHz waterproof transducers, which provide more ultrasound detection capability. A 12-inch color touchscreen ensures data are easily delineated on the screen, with clear color tracings that can be shared with the patient. The unit can be placed on a countertop or mounted to a mobile cart when in use, then folded flat for easy storage. Other features include: 

  • Signal Overlap Verification to reduce errors caused by overlapping FHR signals when monitoring twins 
  • Customizable alarms and controls for every clinical environment 
  • Auto fetal movement detection and alert

Accessory Options:

  • MS9-108022-SWP - CooperSurgical Insight Software Package (includes software manual and cables)
  • M21-64072 - Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • MS9-107634 - Deluxe Cart
  • MS9-108166 - Base Cart with Basket and Laptop Tray
  • MS9-108108 - Base Cart with Basket

Re-Order Part Numbers:

  • MS3-31528-A1 - Transducer 1 (pink)
  • MS3-107705-A1 - Transducer 2 (yellow)
  • MS3-31527-A1 - Toco Transducer (blue)
  • MS3-31112 - Event Marker
  • MS1R-02264 - Transducer Belt (reusable)
  • M25R-75111 - Recording Paper (90 mm × 152 mm × 150 p US standard) (Pack of 3)

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