Southwest Medical

Improving productivity and financial efficiency within the healthcare industry by providing quality equipment and expert technical service.

About Southwest Medical

Our mission is to provide healthcare facilities and providers a cost-effective solution to medical equipment acquisition.

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Getting Started

Getting started with Southwest Medical is easy. Simply call, email, or fill out the form on our Contact page to begin speaking with an equipment specialist today. Or click here to browse our online store and make a purchase online.

Our Company

Southwest Medical specializes in providing late-model, remanufactured medical equipment to healthcare facilities. We get it. Healthcare is not a business, it’s a calling, where “the bottom line” is not cost – it’s care. But money still matters. With us you can save on cost without sacrificing on care

We provide remanufactured medical equipment, ensuring your patients receive the same performance and dependability of new equipment, but at a fraction of the cost to your facility. We also carry a diverse offering of new medical equipment and devices. So whether you are looking for the latest technological advancements, or simply looking to save – Southwest Medical has you covered.

Our expert staff of certified biomedical technicians is trained to service each piece of equipment offered. And our trained technicians provide ongoing equipment support at your facility, including extended warranty support, emergency troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, and safety certifications. 

Headquartered in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, Southwest Medical has been in operation since 1989 and is a member the US Chamber Of Commerce.

Why We Do It

Passion. We are passionate about improving healthcare. We know that our unique expertise can help redefine an industry, and ultimately create a better quality healthcare experience for future generations.

Distribution List

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  • Birkova Products
  • Blickman
  • Bovie
  • Boyd Industries
  • Branson
  • The Brewer Company
  • Carefusion
  • Carroll Hospital Group
  • Champion Manufacturing
  • Chattanooga Group
  • Clinton Industries
  • Comfortex
  • Conmed
  • CPAC/PerfectView
  • Criticare Systems
  • CUDA Surgical
  • Dalton Medical
  • DCI Equipment
  • DCI International
  • Detecto
  • Gendron
  • The Harloff Company
  • Hausmann
  • Heine
  • Joerns
  • MAC Medical
  • Med-Mizer
  • Medical Illumination
  • MPD Medical Systems
  • Natus/Olympic
  • Nihon Kohden
  • Oakworks Medical
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  • Pedigo
  • Philips/Burton
  • SciCan
  • Seca
  • Shimadzu Medical Systems
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  • Tuttnauer
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  • Winco
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